About Us

"Its a Simple Concept...Italy on a Classic Shirt"
  --- Jason and Mike, Founders

Finally, Italy heritage clothing that delivers style and class. Offering a premium collection of classic, heritage-inspired casualwear, the Italy Shirt brand has been carefully cultivated with pure commitment to properly reflecting Italian heritage and values.  

"We despise stereotyped heritage clothing - No 'I'm Loud Because I'm Italian' clothing here!"
Our mission is to deliver classic, elegant apparel that marries quality and craftsmanship with expression of cultural heritage and tradition. We emphasize subtlety and believe the map of Italy can not only uniquely express your Italian background but also identify true countrymen.  In fact, our company was born on the idea of creating a shirt that was the opposite of the garbage peddled by the big box retailers. Starting with only one Navy Polo Shirt in 2011, our company continues to grow every day.

Our clothing is designed to suit lifestyles. Casual times, social times, athletic times, business times: our goal is to let you show your pride of origin anywhere you are.  With over 1,000 customers to date, we invite you to give Italy Shirt a try. 

We have sales offices in Washington D.C. and New York City and friends and followers from all over the world.  We are proud to serve you.

"Wear Your Pride with Class"